#3: The Top Tech Trends of 2013

As the year winds down, we decided to make episode 3 all about the major tech trends of the year and what matters now. If anything, it’ll be fascinating to look back on this episode next year and see how things have changed. We covered 6 major topics and there’s a lot that we didn’t get to, like the leaks about NSA, Bitconin, and Women in Tech for instance, but hopefully you find our list interesting and worth a listen.

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Show Notes



Wearable Computing


Coding goes mainstream

Web / Tablet apps Replacing Desktop

Real-time goes mainstream

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#1: What Makes for a Good Hackathon?

Welcome to the first episode of the Tectonic podcast! In this episode, we discuss what happened with Smithsonian’s first ever hackathon, explain how API’s work for lay people, and argue over whether Twitter is a cult.

Let us know what you think in the comments! – Jason and Sarah

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Show Notes:

Founding of Smithsonian: “Finally, President James K. Polk signed the legislation Aug. 10, 1846, that established the Smithsonian Institution as a trust to be administered by a Board of Regents and a Secretary of the Smithsonian.”  (via Smithsonian)

Luce Hackathon: On November 16 and17, 2013 the Smithsonian American Art Museum held a “hackathon” to reimagine the digital interpretation in the museum’s visible storage facility, the Luce Foundation Center for American Art. (via Luce Center 2013 Hackathon)

What is an API? A nice explanation video for folks new to the idea of an API. In this case, the Smithsonian is acting as the “map data” company, and there’s no payment processing involved. (via Common Craft – API)

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