#6: Creating and Changing Culture

In this episode, we respond to one of our listener’s, @mtrimpe, who asked a very interesting question:

So we decided to tackle it, covering a variety of topics, from craft beer to inflatable dinosaurs to value systems to being the first follower. Culture is enormously important and yet often overlooked or paid lip service to.

Sarah + Jason

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Show Notes

Indiegogo: At the Women 2.0 conference, co-founder Danae Ringelmann talked about how they discovered their culture. More details on that process here. They’ve found that this set of values and behaviors extends to its customers when they raised $700k for a bullied bus monitor.

The Awesome Culture Blog:  articles focused on creating great culture by startup founder turned CEO coach David Kashen

Ridejoy: At Jason’s startup, culture was expressed through our hiring and team food practices.

Valve Employee Handbook: an example of how  great company culture can sometimes be successfully be codified through a document (a rare feat!)

Leading vs Following:  Sometimes following is just as crucial as leading. CDBaby cofounder Derek Sivers spoke at TED about how to start a movement. And of course we have the well known quote:

“Lead, follow, or get out of the way.” — Thomas Paine

Decision Fatigue: Culture allows the team to make decisions faster and avoid the perils of decision fatigue.

Creating a Sense of Urgency: a wonderful book by HBS Professor John Kotter on practices like “bringing the outside in” and “neutralizing the no-no’s” for bringing change to an organization