#2: Blogging is a Technical Skill

In our second episode, we explore the origins of our respective blogs Ultrasaurus.com (happy 10 year anniversary!) and The Art of Ass-Kicking, how you sometimes gotta just put stuff out there because you don’t know how people will respond, and the idea that if you can’t communicate your smart ideas … well … maybe they aren’t that smart.

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Show Notes

xkcd: The General Problem – a webcomic on the problem with trying to automate everything

Beyond Desktop UI – a few paragraphs Sarah wrote in 2003 on the future of desktop applications, ended up getting picked up by Robert Scoble. A surprise hit.

Learning Bash – an example of one of the really arcane blog posts Sarah did on learning “born again shell”. Another is “Bash: Xargs is Your Friend”

Running a Fast Mile: an example of Jason’s monthly fitness challenges.

Serious Pony: the internet reincarnation of the really awesome Kathy Sierra

Eleven Compelling Startup Pitch Archetypes : an example of Jason “catching” all his ideas after an intense period of advising people applying to Y Combinator

Rules and Freedom: a post by Sarah on how the best toys give just enough freedom


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